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TIMS Fast Facts

  • TIMS Issue processing features are a great tool in helping to reduce business cost and meet business targets.
  • TIMS is simple and easy to install and operate - great for organisations with limited IT/training facilities.
  • TIMS is highly secure - which is essential in today's online world.
  • TIMS is an essential tool for management and users to co-ordinate Issue processing activities
  • TIMS provides a great tool to easily register and track issues  - essential for KPI (Key Performance Indicator) monitoring, Project Management, Engineering, Software and General Business workflows.
  • TIMS is highly configurable to suit your business needs.
  • TIMS runs on the standard Windows desktop platform.
  • TIMS provides management with a simple search tool and visual indication of the status of Issues displayed.
  • TIMS allows easy "drill down" into Issues of interest.
  • TIMS provides a permanent historical record of the work performed to resolve Issues - great for Management Oversight, Contract Compliance,  Issue Monitoring and "Lessons Learned"