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Adding Comments To An Issue

In the previous article (TIMS Issue Entry) we learned how to add a new Issue into TIMS with the minimum details required.  Issues, however, usually require background information on what led to the initial Issue entry into TIMS and context on the work subsequently performed to close the Issue. 

This is the purpose of the 'Issue Editor' 'Comments' section - circled in yellow below.


TIMS Issue Editor with Comment Type group circled


TIMS comes pre-installed with the following four comment types:

  • Issue Comment : This relates to specific comments about the Issue as it is worked on.
  • Action Comment : This is for recording actions taken/or that need to be taken to resolve an Issue.
  • Review Comment : This is for recording Issue resolution comments, generally at Issue closure.
  • System Comment : This special comment group does not allow users to add comments as TIMS enters system comments in this group when changes are made in the ‘Issue Details’ section.

Comment types can be tailored for the business and for specific users, as in the example above where the TIMS System Admin has added a 'Miscellaneous Comment' type.

TIMS users can add a comment by pressing the 'Add' button next to the requisite comment type.

This opens the 'Comment' Editor, as displayed below.


TIMS Coment Editor In Edit Mode


The history of the work performed on an issue will display in the 'Issue Editor' as a tree-view as illustrated below.  This provides an excellent way to get an instant overview on the status of an issue.


TIMS Issue Editor Comment Group Treeview Display


Clicking the 'View' button will open the 'Issue Comment' Editor in report mode, which will display all entries made for a given 'Issue Comment', as displayed below.


TIMS Comment Editor Report View

As dictated by business needs, the TIMS admin user may configure specific TIMS users with "view" only permissions on selected comment types.